Science and applications

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This section of the wiki covers a broad set of topics pertaining to science that is relevant and/or applied to Colorado River management, as well as specific applications of the science, such as streamflow forecasting.

Each page contains at least the following:

  • Summary description of the topic
  • The topic's relevance to Colorado River water management
  • Annotated links to datasets, tools, and other information resources on that topic

In the list below, the bolded items are links to the page on that topic. The other items are pages that are planned for development.


Cross-cutting reports

Weather and climate

Hydrology and water availability

Water operations and planning

Water Use

  • Agricultural water use
  • Municipal water use
  • Instream flows and water use
  • Reservoir evaporation
  • Channel and bank losses
  • Demand accounting and scenarios
  • Future basin demand

Water quality

  • Salinity
  • Uranium mining and tailings
  • Other contaminants

Geomorphology and sediment

  • Erosion and sediment sources
  • Riverbed sediment dynamics
  • Reservoir sedimentation

Ecosystems and environment

  • Vegetation change
  • Wildfires
  • Insect infestations and disease
  • Tamarisk and invasive plants
  • Threatened and endangered fish species
  • Invasive mussels
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Salton Sea
  • Colorado River Delta

Societal and economic issues

  • Benefits of water
  • Impacts of shortage and drought
  • Social inequity and vulnerability