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This page links to frequently-updated web resources that provide information about current, recent, and forecasted weather and climate, snowpack, streamflow, reservoir levels, and water supply, for the Colorado River Basin. A more comprehensive list of web resources can be found on the Data and tools page.

Interactive maps and tools

These web resources provide multiple ways to view the data, e.g., by selecting a variable, a site or geographic region, or other attributes. In the listings below, links in the bullet items go directly to specific views of the listed variable (e.g., snowpack).

NRCS Map thumb.png

NRCS Interactive Map

CBRFC conditions thumb.png

CBRFC Conditions Map

USBR Reservoirs thumb.png

Reclamation HydroData Reservoir Map

  • Reservoir storage (current & historical)
  • Reservoir inflows (current & historical)
  • Reservoir releases (current & historical)
USBR Gages thumb.png

Reclamation HydroData Gage Map

  • Streamflows (current & historical)
  • Diversion flows (current & historical)
USGS Water Dashboard.png

USGS National Water Dashboard

  • Streamflows (current & historical)
  • Groundwater levels (current & historical)
  • Water quality (current & historical)
  • Weather radar (current)
  • Precipitation (recent)
  • Precipitation forecasts (6-hr to 7-day)
USBR CRMMS thumb.png

Reclamation CRMMS Visualization Tool

  • Projected reservoir storage
  • Projected reservoir levels
  • Projected reservoir inflows
  • Projected reservoir releases
NIDIS dashboard thumb.png Colorado River Basin Current Conditions

  • US Drought Monitor (current)
  • Precipitation (recent)
  • Temperature (recent)
  • Streamflows (current)
  • Precipitation outlook (1-month)


These web resources show a curated set of visualizations, with no user selection.

WWA dashboard thumb.png

WWA Intermountain West Climate Dashboard

  • Temperature (recent)
  • Precipitation (recent)
  • Snowpack (current)
  • Drought indices (current)
  • Streamflows (current)
  • Seasonal streamflow forecasts (NRCS, available Jan-Jun)
  • Soil moisture (current)
  • Reservoir storage (current)
  • Seasonal climate outlooks
  • ENSO (current, forecasted)
CBRFC UCRB thumb.png

CBRFC Upper Colorado Situational Awareness

  • Soil moisture (antecedent; early November)
  • Snowpack (current)
  • Precipitation (recent)
  • Seasonal streamflow forecast (Powell inflows only)
  • Reservoir inflows (current; Powell only)
CAP dashboard thumb.png

CAP Colorado River Conditions Dashboard

  • Reservoir storage (updated monthly)
  • Snowpack (updated monthly)
  • Projected reservoir levels (Powell, Mead)

The Colorado River '4-panel plot'

Variability and long-term trends in Colorado River Basin (Powell + Mead) reservoir storage (1935-2023), and in Upper Basin natural streamflow, precipitation, and temperature (1906-2023). This plot first appeared as Figure 2 in Udall and Overpeck (2017), "The twenty-first century Colorado River hot drought and implications for the future." Brad Udall has updated it annually.

The "4-panel plot" showing trends in Colorado River Basin reservoir storage, natural streamflow, precipitation, and temperature, through Water Year 2023. (Figure: Brad Udall; Data: Reclamation - reservoir storage and streamflow; NOAA NCEI - precipitation and temperature)