2018 CRB Ten Tribes Partnership Tribal Water Study

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Ten Tribes report cover.png

In 2014, Reclamation, in collaboration with the 10 member tribes of the Colorado River Basin Tribes Partnership, commonly referred to as the Ten Tribes Partnership, began the Colorado River Basin Ten Tribes Partnership Tribal Water Study. It builds on the scientific foundation of the 2012 Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study ('Basin Study') and advances critical information about the member tribes beyond the limited assessment of tribal water in the Basin Study.

The Tribal Water Study documents how Partnership Tribes currently use their water, projects how future water development could occur, and describes the potential effects of future tribal water development on the Colorado River System. The Study also identifies challenges related to the use of tribal water and explores opportunities that provide a wide range of benefits to both Partnership Tribes and other water users. The Study Report includes perspectives and positions from each of the ten Partnership Tribes.

The Reclamation webpage for the Tribal Water Study also contains links to separate PDFs for each chapter of the report.